I feel the need to write, but I don’t really have a topic. So, I’ll start with a few requests:


First….would ya all please sign my guestbook? I’d really appreciate. πŸ™‚


Second….I moved my steps-a-day to a page and it’ll update hopefully daily, we’ll see how good I am at it. πŸ™‚ Does anyone want to get a $5 pedometer and step with me???


Third….take a look at My Love Story. It’s long, but it covers from the first date to the day of the wedding. πŸ™‚ And it’s a work in progress. But who knows when it’ll be done.


Okay…onward….the Rockies are going to the world series. How great is that? Pretty darn cool. I’m not much of a sports fan in general, but I’ve always taken for granted that the Rockies would never be a playoff team. I guess I was wrong, but I’m happy to be wrong in this case. Because we all know, I’m rarely wrong. πŸ™‚ So that was good, but I got some sad sports news today too……NLL has canceled the 2008 season. 😦 I’m so sad! I’m going to miss the Mammoth. They best come back and be as good as ever!


We are finally done with the floor. Okay, not completely done, but all the tiles are down, all the grout is done. What is left to do? Tomorrow: A few grout touch-ups. Thursday: drying day. Friday: Sealing the grout. Saturday: Put trim back and paint (maybe). Move furniture back. That’s it. I’m super, super excited. I haven’t had that room since May, almost six month. So nice to get it back…..then I can work on my greenroom (space) and cleaning up the guest room. The guest room has gone to a junk room in the last six month, so I have to get that fixed. And with winter coming and the fact that I keep my house freezing, I have to create something to keep my herbs alive until I can plant them outside next spring.


Have I ever told you which is my favorite herb? Hmm….well, even if I have, I’ll say it again. It’s Lemon Thyme. Oh, it just makes me happy. It has such a lightly lemony smell….almost like fresh made lemonade. I want to plant it by the front door so when people walk up to the door they rub it and cause it to release some of it’s beautiful scent. I just love it. πŸ™‚


Zach is working on homework. I’m so proud of him for putting forth so much effort. I try my hardest not to interfere, but I have to say, I’m not always so good at that. If I’m not engrossed in the computer, I seems to always have something to say or show or want to do. Poor guy. But he is doing well. Working away on a paper on a book. Haha. I asked him. Doesn’t the teacher realize you’ve never read a book that you could write a paper on? And he said…..I’m going to do it on Into the Wild. Which is quite funny that I had him listen to is on a road trip years ago and I remember he was so upset about it, but look at him now. πŸ™‚


Speaking of Into the Wild. Have you seen that they have a new movie coming out based on the book, which is based on a true story? From the preview I watched, it looks pretty close to the book. I’m super excited. I love the book and the movie looks really well done. Of course, I never like movies based on books I like, so I guess I shouldn’t get my hopes up too much. But this might be the one to change my mind. I tried to teach this book last year to my journalism class. It didn’t go over great, but some of them actually finished it and enjoyed it. Krakauer is just an amazing writer.


Oh, that reminds me. We finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, so I should probably write my review, but I just can’t get in the mood.


2 thoughts on “Ummmm….

  1. I will get a walk-a-meter πŸ™‚ not sure I will do much good since I can’t seem to get sleep in but maybe on my days off I could walk instead of drink alcohol πŸ™‚

    I think your love story is fun but I haven’t checked for new stuff lately so I will go check it out.

    I am probably the only one in Denver and will probably catch a lot of crap for saying this but I don’t really care about the Rockies. I am happy for the players I guess but who really cares. The more I live my life the more silly sports seem. I know you love the NLL though so I am very sad for you. I would be pretty said if my longhorns stopped playing college ball, I guess it is along the same lines.

    Lemon thyme is great. There aren’t very many herbs I don’t like though.

    Funny that you keep your house cold cause I hate paying for heat so we always have sweats, blankets, the doggies to cuddle up with to stay warm in our house in the winter time. I am sure one day I will heat the house more but honestly I like the chill and being able to wear big comfy cuddly clothes.

    Congrats again on your floor, we will have to come see it, and while we are there you and Billy can have another Harry Potter conversation cause he just finished the latest book as well.

    Ok, gotta go to work. Hope you have a good weekend!

  2. See…that’s the great think about walking with a pedameter… don’t have to have “time.” You just walk you normal life. Once you know your normal walkingness, you try to add more……whether that is walking around your car while you pump gas or pacing while you are on the phone. It just makes you more conscience of your steps. πŸ™‚

    And that is exactly why I don’t heat my house…..I’ll turn it up when people come over, but I think it’s set at 60…..maybe 62, I can’t remember….it’s on a timer. We are waiting to turn the heat back on for when the floor is done and the house has been cleaned from all the dust and then we have to get the vents cleaned and then we can turn the heat on. HAHA…….it’s a good thing it’s not cold yet! πŸ™‚

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