Just Another Day

At the dog park. 🙂

I talked Zach into taking the dogs to the dog park yesterday before we began our tiling for the day. More about that later. We hadn’t been to the dog park in a couple of months I think, so the dogs really needed it. And I must say, Guinness was better than ever! He had a few mishabs…..ran up to another dog with his teeth showing and ended up with a mouthful of white hair. Totally scared him. The other dog was big and fluffy and didn’t notice he was missing any hair, so that was good. Another time, Guinness did his normal greeting of “Let me run as fast as I can into you, doesn’t that feel good?” and it was an older dog, who was quite stunned. I don’t know why he does that, but it’s always just to play. Then as we were going back to the car, Guinness is typically back on his leash by now, but now this time, a little boston terrier came over and was playing with the two dogs. It was so cute. Then Guinness walked right through about 10 dogs to the car. It was great. Anyway. Here are the pics:

Fall Family Photo:

Wetlands (that Guinness and Lexi went running through):

Dirty Lexi:

Lexi with a black eye:

Best Friends:

Fall is in the air:

This is what the dogs hate about the dog park. Bath is always as soon as we get home, especially yesterday after running through the black muddy wetlands. It took three shampoos each before the water ran clear!

Anyway, productive weekend….for tiling at least. We have everything laid, meaning stuck to the ground, except 7 tiles, some of those tiles are halves and some just bitty pieces, so it’s really like 4.5 tiles. It feels good. I’m so excited to get it done and start grouting and get my furniture back down there. SO EXCITED!!!! Maybe before the end of October.

We also had dinner with Ron on Friday and dinnerish with my parents on Saturday. Zach watched the Broncos lose terribly. And I froze….the weather is changing and I don’t always fair well. 🙂 Hope you all had a great weekend as well.



One thought on “Just Another Day

  1. LOVE the pic of the two dogs walking side by side, Super cute. Going to the dog park is always an iffy experience with Dinky. She seems to do things a little like Guiness. We usually keep her on a leash until she calms down. I like the family photo too. We need to get that done soon. Glad you had a good weekend.

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