Look what I taught…

my dogs. I know another dog post. I guess I love my dogs this week.

Today I was out back, taking some photos of the maple tree turning colors and I noticed quite a few raspberries on the bushes. Then I got the great idea to see if Guinness liked them, so I pulled one off and gave it to him. Guess what? He liked them, so I held the bush up so he could get to the berries and he grabbed some and took off. Then Lexi wanted some. I got some good shots of Lexi eating raspberries, but Guinness thinks he is in trouble and grabs and runs.

And our downstairs is coming along, ever so slowly……




2 thoughts on “Look what I taught…

  1. That is super adorable. Dinky would do that to, duck tail and run like we were going to hurt her. Silly dogs! R u sure you want to teach them to eat off your plants though, that could end badly (from experience) 🙂

  2. Our dog, Lucy, loves vegetables — peas, carrots, bell peppers, corn, beans. When we first moved into our house, I was gung-ho to plant a veggie garden. There wasn’t enough space in the little tomato type garden, but there was quite a bit of fence around the house. Our backyard is different in the sense that the previous owners fenced in the “outer” yard (perimeter of the lot) and an “inner” yard around the patio and a small grassy area. It’s nice in that you can shuffle the dogs to the outer yard if you need a doggie free zone or, in the winter, close the gate to the outer yard to keep the dogs close by so they don’t freeze to death when they go potty. Well, I had this brilliant plan to plant peas along a part of the inner fence. At first I was able to harvest peas, then lucy realized she could munch them on her own, as delicately as a dog can do without hands. This meant pulling on a pea pod which would pull down the entire plant. When I picked the peas, she sat with her back to me and the bowl holding the peapods, protecting the fruits of my labors from any potentially thieving intruder. She was very serious about her duty. Every now and then she would take a “peapod tax” as payment for her services. It was very funny. She also “protected” me when I was digging up carrots. Eventually Shannon had to devise a fence made of 2’x8′ pieces of plastic lattice to keep the dogs out of my garden since Lucy would raid the it and steal peppers, cukes, tomatoes, carrots and any other vegetable that looked yummy.

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