Aren’t you lucky?

So, I’m full of post today. πŸ™‚ Not really, but sometimes I like to pretend.


So this weekend was a good one. Friday night Stacy came over and we had dinner at Noodles and stayed forever. I’m sure the employees were beginning to wonder about us. But it was good to see and talk to Stacy. We rarely get to do that, especially lately with everyone’s school schedules. And Stacy has to volunteer, mentor, internships and friends all on top of class. πŸ™‚ After we came home we played with Roxy.


Roxy is a hamster. Zach’s work’s hamster. But they realized after leaving her alone for the first weekend, that she was more skidish around people, so they’ve decided she needs to come home on the weekends, with someone, we were the lucky ones last weekend. She is a surprisingly good hamster, but a bit stinky. We all enjoyed playing with her this weekend.

On Saturday I did school in the morning. My group and I have a lot to get done for our web conference next week. Then Zach and I went PetCo, Best Buy and then came home. I took a nap outside, while Zach cleaned up the garden. πŸ™‚ Then I proceeded to take photos of his eye, the next day I had to do mine too. So, first Zach’s very blue eye (I love the fact that you can see me in his eye) and then my greenish, brownish eye.

Then I cut Zach’s hair, as it was much over due. And we got ready to go to our party, but got distracted watching the Rockies game. When we finally left, we didn’t plan on staying long, but… was fun. Good to get out and hang with people we don’t see to often. Although, in the course of the night, I spilt water down the front of my pants and ended up walking around funny and making comments, which then embarrassed Zach. I called Russ, who went to the Rockies game instead, and begged for him to come over. I rarely use the phone, so this was out of character for me, and I wasn’t even using my phone, I was using Josh’s. I got mad at Russ when I said I was drunk and he said he knew. So I handed the phone to Zach. πŸ™‚ Funny what makes you made when your drunk. He never came. I sent a text message with Josh’s phone as well, to Brian, who was on his way over, and asked him to bring Tacos. He was the person who got me into having taco from taco bell when I drink and now that’s all I ever want. He didn’t bring them. I was sad, but he thought it was just Josh being funny. We eventually left around 2AM and got some taco bell (we’d forgotten to eat dinner) and I was passed out before Zach finished eating. I was pretty sure I was going to puke. I’d never really thrown up from drinking. I always get a nervous stomach from something else that happens, but never puke. Well, Josh insisted I have too many Jell-O shots and yes, Zach was woken up at 6:30AM to me puking in the bathroom. It was strange…..I was quite calm about the whole thing and then got in the shower cleaned up and watched Run’s House.


Sunday, we slept until noon and were still tired. Then we (meaning Zach) did laundry, we went grocery shopping, we pigged out on junk food, Dad came over to fix the door, I trimmed up his hair, Mom measured Zach to hem his jeans, all-in-all a sleepy day.


Party Math

I was going to type a blog about this….but it’s just not coming out right so….

Jell-O shots

But didn’t we look cute BEFORE the party?

Happiness is…

I’ve heard of teachers assigning poems where you start every line ‘Happiness is….’Β  I will not do that for your today, as I’m not a poet.Β  I do have a few poems I enjoy, maybe I’ll go on a scavenger hunt to find some, but that will be later, now is happiness.

I was driving home today and was just happy.Β  I can’t really pin-point it to anything.Β  In fact, Gateway was fun, but I always feel leftout or not a part of the group, and for all purposes I’m not.Β  Everyone spends everyday together, I show up for a few hours every week or two, it’s only natural that I won’t know the inside joke.

It’s fall and it’s beautiful.

My birthday is coming up.

Our floor is done.

For four days the house has stayed clean, minus the kitchen, but even that is back in order.Β  And house does not include: Office (I work in it, do school work in it and so does Zach, so it is a disaster pretty much all the time), Zach’s bathroom (Hmm…..he is sleepy in the morning, so putting things away is not a top priority), the hall (it’s been messy from the re-org of the downstairs), the guestroom (it’s a disaster, that’s all there is to it), our bedroom (CLOTHES, what more can I say?) and my bathroom (which is picked up, but hasn’t been cleaned in a while).Β  I know that that seems like most of the house, but having the downstairs in order for a week, is next to amazing for us. πŸ™‚

My homework for the day is done.

My group for school is amazing….for a bunch of girls we sure work well together.

Tomorrow is Friday.

Okay, so you can see, there is absolutely no reason why I’m happy, but I am so there!

Dogs want to be fed…..they are driving me crazy, so good night!

No Worries.

We are done! If you know me at all you know I’ve been working on tiling my downstairs since May. It’s been a long tediacious process, but I’m happy to announce it’s done and the furniture is back down there. A few random facts:

  • Before tiling we had a guest room with a queen size bed….much of the downstairs furniture got moved in that room, then my parents needed a bed for my Grandpa to sleep on and now I can’t believe it was a guest room…’s more like a junk room!
  • Our front room now feels very……lonely? Weird? We went from having both our couches in there to just the smallest one and it feels like something’s missing. We went to dinner with my in-laws and when we walked in the door I told Zach, “It’s like some one moved out.”
  • Jake, the snake, finally gets to be a part of the family. He has a place in the living room, instead of the guest room.

Well, here are some photos…..I know you all want to see how great it looks. πŸ™‚

First….last weekend after being done laying the tiles….

Today before moving furniture down: Grout is done, trim and the walls have been painted (re-touched).


With furniture, I have a black cover that goes over the dogs cage, looks much better, but it was so dusty, so it is being washed.

Don’t mind the red dragon…..Zach picked it up at is Grandma’s and it is for a white elephant gift. πŸ™‚

The sad room that is missing it’s couch. 😦 Oh well, it’ll have a christmas tree soon enough.

Oh, and some old photos from last week or the week before. We took the blankets out of the dogs cage and washed them and then they were laying on the floor next to the bed. Guinness was so sad they weren’t in his cage, but looked so cute, so I had to take a picture:

And….I was driving over the Dam Road a few weeks ago. It was beautiful with the tree changing and the sun setting….but I was driving…..and it is the dam road, so I try not to look too much, but I did hold my camera up and take a few shots. πŸ™‚ They don’t do it justice, but you get the idea.

Okay, night all……I’m going to sit downstairs and watch TV!!! That’s a first for the last six months. πŸ™‚

I’m in Love

I love the spring….and I love the fall. I’ve been thinking lately which one I like more and I really can’t pin it down. I guess there really isn’t a reason to have favorite and it’s okay for me to like both. But right now I’m in love with fall, sorry spring. I’m sure I’d appreciate the fall much more if I lived in a different state, but….


  1. I love the changing leaves.
  2. I love the crinkling of the leaves under my feet.
  3. I love the cool breeze.
  4. I love that it’s jacket weather, but not coat weather.
  5. I love taking naps in the hammock.
  6. I love that it’s predictable.
  7. 1-3 again and again and again. They make me smile. πŸ™‚

Small Tangent

I’m really bothered that every time I type okay it tells me it’s wrong.Β  I’ve always spelled okay O-K-A-Y.Β  I don’t know if I’m just stupid and can’t figure out the right spelling or if once upon a time that was the correct way, but in our lazy world the only correct way is OK.Β  Well, I don’t like OK… stands out to much……I really just want okay to be okay. Okay?Β  Okay, thanks, goodnight.Β  Now, I’ll go back to my other blog.


I feel the need to write, but I don’t really have a topic. So, I’ll start with a few requests:


First….would ya all please sign my guestbook? I’d really appreciate. πŸ™‚


Second….I moved my steps-a-day to a page and it’ll update hopefully daily, we’ll see how good I am at it. πŸ™‚ Does anyone want to get a $5 pedometer and step with me???


Third….take a look at My Love Story. It’s long, but it covers from the first date to the day of the wedding. πŸ™‚ And it’s a work in progress. But who knows when it’ll be done.


Okay…onward….the Rockies are going to the world series. How great is that? Pretty darn cool. I’m not much of a sports fan in general, but I’ve always taken for granted that the Rockies would never be a playoff team. I guess I was wrong, but I’m happy to be wrong in this case. Because we all know, I’m rarely wrong. πŸ™‚ So that was good, but I got some sad sports news today too……NLL has canceled the 2008 season. 😦 I’m so sad! I’m going to miss the Mammoth. They best come back and be as good as ever!


We are finally done with the floor. Okay, not completely done, but all the tiles are down, all the grout is done. What is left to do? Tomorrow: A few grout touch-ups. Thursday: drying day. Friday: Sealing the grout. Saturday: Put trim back and paint (maybe). Move furniture back. That’s it. I’m super, super excited. I haven’t had that room since May, almost six month. So nice to get it back…..then I can work on my greenroom (space) and cleaning up the guest room. The guest room has gone to a junk room in the last six month, so I have to get that fixed. And with winter coming and the fact that I keep my house freezing, I have to create something to keep my herbs alive until I can plant them outside next spring.


Have I ever told you which is my favorite herb? Hmm….well, even if I have, I’ll say it again. It’s Lemon Thyme. Oh, it just makes me happy. It has such a lightly lemony smell….almost like fresh made lemonade. I want to plant it by the front door so when people walk up to the door they rub it and cause it to release some of it’s beautiful scent. I just love it. πŸ™‚


Zach is working on homework. I’m so proud of him for putting forth so much effort. I try my hardest not to interfere, but I have to say, I’m not always so good at that. If I’m not engrossed in the computer, I seems to always have something to say or show or want to do. Poor guy. But he is doing well. Working away on a paper on a book. Haha. I asked him. Doesn’t the teacher realize you’ve never read a book that you could write a paper on? And he said…..I’m going to do it on Into the Wild. Which is quite funny that I had him listen to is on a road trip years ago and I remember he was so upset about it, but look at him now. πŸ™‚


Speaking of Into the Wild. Have you seen that they have a new movie coming out based on the book, which is based on a true story? From the preview I watched, it looks pretty close to the book. I’m super excited. I love the book and the movie looks really well done. Of course, I never like movies based on books I like, so I guess I shouldn’t get my hopes up too much. But this might be the one to change my mind. I tried to teach this book last year to my journalism class. It didn’t go over great, but some of them actually finished it and enjoyed it. Krakauer is just an amazing writer.


Oh, that reminds me. We finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, so I should probably write my review, but I just can’t get in the mood.

Funky Friendships

For about the last week, I’ve been in a funk. Normally, I’d say I was depressed…..but I really don’t know if that’s the right word for it. Yes, there is a bit of depression there, but not 100%. I don’t think I’ll really be able to clear my thinking up, so you’ll just have to take that for what it’s worth.

This funk was bound to happen. Overall I’ve taken this whole give up my dream and work in an office pretty darn well. Okay, okay, so I don’t really look at it like that. In all actuality I’ve taken a detour…..just a three year detour. Doesn’t seem that bad, until I start to think……what will teaching be like in three years? What will I be like in three years? Will I have kids? Will I still live in the same house? Drive the same car? Who will my friends be? I mean, I’ll be 30 by then, will I still be able to connect with students? In fact, in three years, I will be able to go have drinks with my 1st year seniors. That’s a bit weird if you think about it. And yet, my freshman will just be graduating. Hmmm…..

I miss my friends. But my energy is running low. Why? I don’t really know. Maybe it is because I don’t have enough to occupy my mind, and so it runs slower and slower making me more and more tired. Maybe going back to school is taking it’s toll on me mentally. Maybe it’s not energy at all…..maybe it’s just a realization that, yes, I have friends, but I’m not as close to them as I was. I don’t know everything that is going on. I’m not as easy to get a hold of, they don’t just run into me everyday. But most of all, I think I feel replaced. There are new people to fill the shoes I was in so the hole for my friend isn’t as big as my HUGE void. Ha….I’ve practically made myself cry here. Last week I thought text messaging was the answer to my problem. Don’t really know how that would solve anything. These are my teaching friends…..and I know they are still my friends, but I’m still sad.

Old church friends. Church was the center of my life for a while. I say “church” and not “God” because it really was all about church and going to church and hanging out with my friends. A relationship with God was just a side effect. I suppose that sounds pretty harsh, but looking back on it, that is what it was. But that is a tangent……back to church friends. Most of them were just acquaintances, I know, I always knew, I never really fit in, but a few I thought would be in my life forever. I have a hard time letting go, so I still know a vast majority of them and keep up with their lives, but they aren’t really friends. There was one that I thought of as family. I never thought we wouldn’t be friends anymore, but once I got married and moved into my house, things drifted to the extreme. For literally a year, my entire time teaching, we didn’t talk or communicate. Part of it was I was tired of making the effort and her never having time for me. And when she did, we had to go to her house, never my side of the world. (One of the things I looked forward to the most about having my own place away from my parents was entertaining guest at my house. People were never really invited or allowed at my parents house. ) Anyway, by chance in July, we ran into this “friend” at a restaurant, this reconnection worked for about a month. Now we are back in our rut…..I email (as I don’t use the phone unless necessary), she doesn’t respond. And that’s the last of my church friends.

A few weird friendships have blossomed over the past year……old friends from school that I wasn’t really close to at the time…….old “boyfriend/best friend” from middle schoolish……Zach’s friend. This is my closest circle. The people I think of when I have free time and want to do something. Is that odd? Maybe it’s because they are in similar places in life…..maybe it’s because I can rely on them. Thanks for being there guys….you know who you are. πŸ™‚

Are we ever really satisfied with our friendships? We (humans) seem to take them for granted, push people way to hang with others and then somewhere down the road don’t understand why we aren’t friends anymore. We need time to ourselves, we’re too busy. Where does it stop? What would the perfect world of friendships look like? Should we have friends at work? Or are those friends ever really friends?

Well, I’ve got a chat meeting for school in a few minutes, so I need to get prepared for that. Thanks for reading my venting. My funk. I’ll leave you with this. I looked at Zach the other day and realized (and probably not for the first time) that I’m so glad we are in this thing called life together. He is truly my best friend and understands me better than I understand myself. I’m glad that at the end of the day I have a friend, always and forever, who will hug and hold me when I’m down and even when we yell and scream…..okay, when I yell and scream.