Doggie Sundaes

So, I tried to get the whole whipped cream thing on video, but it didn’t work. My dogs are too smart and figured out if they flip there head it falls off. Not nearly as funny as last night, so I took Tasha suggestion and tried peanut butter. This is our first take of peanut butter and the light quality isn’t the greatest, but I still think it’s funny.

This next one is from after the peanut butter getting them to stand on their back legs for whipped cream. Guinnie doesn’t like the slick surfaces and realized that before we started videoing…, this one isn’t quite as exciting.

And this got me to thinking about the time we used a laser light on Lexi. Guinness could care less, but Lexi was going to get that darn thing. Here is that video…..again, nighttime with my point-and-shoot camera just doesn’t to lighting justice.

And then there was when Lexi and Guinness watched themselves on TV. Man, I want my TV room back.

And my front room. Can we be done with construction yet? This is from when I was watching a friends 10 week old puppy when she was on vacation. Guinness was very intrigued with the puppy, it took Lexi a minute to warm up and even still she was a little scared by it.

Dogs in the snow last year. And me trying to be on camera at the end. I’m such a dork.

And Lexi gets the fish.

Okay, so way more video than you wanted about dogs, but a trip down memory lane for me.


2 thoughts on “Doggie Sundaes

  1. That is hilarious, poor doggies. We put the peanut butter on the roof of their mouth and its hilarious, I wonder if their tongues were sore after all that. Dogs are great.

    The video with that puppy dog is hilarious too. What a spaz, but super cute!

    Love the videos, I need to get my viedo camera working again.

  2. Jenn & Zach. Just got home from dinner with you. Got on and watched the vids. Loved ’em. Very funny and entertaining…the dogs were funny too! I miss ’em.
    Love ya all

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