Funniest Thing Ever!

So I was just downstairs making cookies (the quick, premade ones from the store that you just put in the oven) and thought I’d jazz them up a bit with whipped cream.  So I pulled out the whipped cream and then I was like, “I wonder what Lexi would do if I put it on her nose.” 

I held her nose, sprayed the whipped cream and let go.  It fell off her nose and on to the floor.  Not that spectacular.  I tried Guinness.  It stuck for a minute and he kept putting his head down and trying to lick and lifting his lips, it was funny.  Then he threw his head back and it went behind him and he ate it off the floor.  I’m laughing pretty good and tell Zach he has to come see it, so he comes down stairs and I put some whipped cream on Guinness nose and he immediately flips his head back (I guess he learned the first time) and it lands on his back, right where he can’t get it and some is still stuck to nose.  He can’t figure it out, he is walking in circles, licking, doing everything he can think of and Lexi comes along and eats it off him.  And as she would try to get it off his nose, he’d put his nose up so she couldn’t reach. 

 I decided to try Lexi again.  This time it stuck and she just kept licking and licking and getting lower and lower to the ground.  All the while, cross eyed because she is looking at it and then Guinness just walks over and gets it off.  So funny. 

They managed to clean it up pretty well.  I think tomorrow in the daylight, I’ll try it again and video it. 🙂


1 thought on “Funniest Thing Ever!

  1. That is funny. Billy and I play with the dogs all the time. Whip cream is fun but peanut butter is sometimes funnier depending on the dog. The lick and lick for ever and make really funny noises. Dogs are so much fun!

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