Sick Baby

My baby is sick.  That’s right…..Lexi has something wrong with her.  The long version might be a bit gross, so don’t read if you don’t want to.

Lexi is an allergy dog.  About a month after we got her she was so itchy, she was eating patches in her coat.  We ended up putting her on drugs, the most effective was cheap walmart allergy meds.  We got it under control and didn’t have to continue as much, but she is still itchy.  When it gets really bad we give her some more meds, but that is rarely.

Over a year ago, she had a diarriah accident in the house and it had some blood drops at the end.  It freaked me out and we had to take her to the Doggy ER, as it was a Saturday.  They made us get a sample, which Zach had the pleasure of catching and walking through the lobby holding, the checked it and found nothing.  We fixed the diarriah problem and were told because the blood was dropplets at the end and not mixed in, we shouldn’t worry, it was probably all due to allergies.

About a month ago, when Lexi and I were running, she stopped and peed on the sidewalk….and blood drops came at the end.  Freaked me out a bit, but Zach reminded me what they said in the ER.  So I decided not to worry about it, I mean who knows when their dogs pee changes anyway.  The dog pees on grass, it’s not like it’s very visable.

Last week I came home and there was a small pee stain on the bed and the edge was a little blood.  Hmm…..not like Lexi to pee on a bed, but I wouldn’t have supposed it to be Guinness.  Again, it was a one time thing, so I was trying to see if it would happen again.  And nothing else was different, she still eats, she still plays, she still drinks, itches and is normal.

Yesterday it happened again.  I started to get worried.  Wanted to call the vet, but it was night so…..

Then it happened again today when Zach was home for lunch.

Now, how exactly do you get a dog to pee in a cup?  Especially one that drops her butt all the way to the ground (really, I’ve never seen a dog drop as low) to pee?  Well, we’ve told the vet we can’t do it, although I’ll try in the morning so they don’t charge me just to get her pee out.  Anyway, I have to take her to the vet tomorrow…..8AM.  Zach has to work.  I’m very worried and hope it’s just a simple like a bladder infection that they can treat easily.


1 thought on “Sick Baby

  1. Oh no, I remember going through all that when our Sweet Widgit got sick. Billy followed her around with a big tupperware container and when she droppe to pee he stuck it under her. He said it took over an hour but it is best to do first thing in the morning when they really gotta go and will have to deal with you right behind them. You will have to tell me how the vet appt turned out, poor Lexi!

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