Middle of September

This weekend was busy. My Grandma turned 80 on Friday, so we drove across town to have dinner with her and my aunt and uncle at Olive Garden. Wasn’t very eventful, but it was enjoyable.

Mother and Daughter (Grandma and my mom).

Girls. My cousin Paige, Me, Stacy, Grandma and Mom.

My Uncle Chris.

My Uncle Chris and Aunt Cyndy.

My cousin Paige.

After dinner, since we were already across town, we went to Stacy’s dorm. Man, does she have a nice place. Three dorm rooms, two bathrooms, laundry room, nice kitchen and living area – 5 people. What more could college students want? Anyway, Stacy wanted me to show her something on the computer, so we went into her room and left Zach in the living area. We heard the TV on, but when we were done, this is how we found Zach:

Saturday was another busy day. Or so it seemed. We woke up late, did a bit of shopping and came home to cut Zach’s hair (yes, it’s the first time I’ve done it in months), got ready and headed out to a B-day party for Keri, my bestest Gateway friend. I’m not posting a lot of the pictures here, because I don’t know most of the people…..they were pictures for Keri. Anyway, after the group photo, Amanda (another teacher from Gateway that started last year with Keri and I) offered to take a picture of Zach and I. That was nice of her. Most of the time it’s like, here take my photo please. 🙂

After dinner, we all went bowling. It was fun and I probably drank more beer than I ever have, but it wasn’t fun being around a bunch of drinking people I don’t know and not drinking, so I went the cost effective route and shared a pitcher with Zach. Anyway, this is the only photo from bowling.

Me, Keri, Corrie (Gateway teacher who I work with on Thursdays with the Newspaper.)

I was the last one bowling. We had two frames left and everyone put there shoes back on, so I bowled for everyone and was just getting to my 10th frame with the place shut down. I was pretty bummed. But for someones 10th frame I got a strike and a spare. 🙂

Yesterday we tiled. Minor confrontation with my father, but I’m not ready to discuss online yet. But we got 11 tiles laid and are now done with all the tiles that do not need to be cut. YAY! Now we have to figure out how we are going to cut the tiles and get going on that. I guess my new goal is my birthday. Think we can get the TV and couch back downstairs by my birthday?


One thought on “Middle of September

  1. You have been one busy lady. But there you go drinking again, LOL!

    Hope you and your dad work things out, I hate it when things aren’t right with me and my dad.

    If you guys have any free time coming up we should do something.

    Ok, I think I am all caught up on your life now. I like this wordpress thing but I do miss you on mySpace.

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