Mountains under the Rainbow

The mountains are in the west….duh!  I know.  But because of that and the fact that we get storms in the afternoon, it rarely happens that you see a rainbow over the mountain.  In fact, I don’t ever remember seeing it, until this morning that is.  As I was driving to work, it was the most beautiful sight.  A full rainbow, that didn’t fade, sitting over the mountains.  I wish I hadn’t been running late.  I would have stopped and taken a beautiful panoramic shot……but I was already almost an hour late.  So, you’ll just have to envision, sitting on a hill, overlooking the city and the mountains and a beautiful rainbow on top. 🙂

Wish the rest of my day had gone that wonderfully.  In order to get in-state tuition, I had to go sign and affidavit and let them look at my unexpired driver’s license…….today was the last day and I just got the letter on Tuesday.  So after getting to work and realizing all of our systems were down and wouldn’t be up for a while, I headed downtown.  Got lost in the north building…….filled out my affidavit…..went to pull my wallet out, just to realize that I’d paid bills last night and left my wallet and the bills that needed to be mailed on the office desk!  I was able to talk them into allowing me to get it notarized….and my mom works in an office full of notaries, but man did it make me mad.  Got back to the office, the computer systems were still down… I went to my mom’s office…..then headed home.  Visited with Zach for a bit, which was nice because he has had class every night this week, including tonight, so I feel like I haven’t seen him and now, I’m suppose to be working.  And I am, but it was kinda mindless work and I needed something to wake me up…..this is my tired time……always between 2 and 4, for as long as I can remember, I can hardly stay awake.

Does anyone know where you can get panoramic shots printed?


One thought on “Mountains under the Rainbow

  1. Wolf Camera will print them but you should invest in a nice Epson or Canon photo printer. It’s worth it to have your own printer in the long run. If you need help I have done a ton of research on it 🙂

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