Chocolate Soup

I used to have a blog called Chocolate Soup.  It was where I posted my book reviews and recipes that I enjoy.  I was never very good about keeping it updated, because it was separate from my other blogs, but I also didn’t want my book reviews lost in all my life.  I write my book reviews, mainly as a way to keep up with my own reading.  Anyway, now that I’ve converted over here I’m trying to update my book reviews for the summer.  I don’t remember all the books I’ve read, but I’m trying to do a book a day on the ones that I do remember.  🙂  For those non-readers, sorry to bore you.  For those readers, sorry they aren’t very detailed… memory is a bit fuzzy.

Oooo…..I just had a great idea…….Maybe I’ll rename my blog…..Chocolate Soup: Randomness of Jenny Jean.  I’ll miss having Chocolate Soup around. 🙂

AND…..I just remembered.  I’m suppose to be cleaning the dining/room kitchen, so I best be going.  I’ll post pictures and you’ll understand the need. 🙂


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