Adventure for Sisters

Today my sister and I went shopping.  I guess that isn’t a very unusual thing for sisters to do, but my sister hates shopping, or at least that’s what she claims.  I think she likes shopping for her self, but it she has to wait around at all for anyone else, she becomes very impatient, but that’s all beside the point.  We had a purpose for our trip and only one stop to make–REI.

Next Saturday, gosh that’s four days from today, Stacy and I our going on an adventure.  An adventure that neither one of us has ever been on, something our parents have never done, quite frankly something that not many people we know have done.  We are both excited and a little nervous, but I do believe it will be good sister bonding.   What, might you ask, is this grand adventure?  We are going to climb a 14er!  WOW.

We’ve decided on Grey’s Peak.  It’s only a class 1, which means it’s the easiest of the 14ers, and it should take us around 7 hours round trip.  Yes, we know we will be exhausted by the end of the day, but we are both very excited to go.  This means that this week is good sleep, lots of water and school work has to be done by Friday night.


2 thoughts on “Adventure for Sisters

  1. That sounds like fun but definitely a challenge. I climbed Quandary Peak at 14,265 feet when I was 8 with my dad and all I really remember was getting really sleepy near the top. But here’s some advice… if you feel sleepy DON’T GO TO SLEEP. You might not wake up (oxygen deprivation), but all that aside I hope you make it to the top because that is quite a feat to have on your personal achievements list. Have fun and say hi to Stacy for me 🙂

  2. Enjoy the hike, it will be awesome to say you did such a thing. I have only climb a 12,000 foot mountain before and that was rough enough. 🙂

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