Doggie Sundaes

So, I tried to get the whole whipped cream thing on video, but it didn’t work. My dogs are too smart and figured out if they flip there head it falls off. Not nearly as funny as last night, so I took Tasha suggestion and tried peanut butter. This is our first take of peanut butter and the light quality isn’t the greatest, but I still think it’s funny.

This next one is from after the peanut butter getting them to stand on their back legs for whipped cream. Guinnie doesn’t like the slick surfaces and realized that before we started videoing…, this one isn’t quite as exciting.

And this got me to thinking about the time we used a laser light on Lexi. Guinness could care less, but Lexi was going to get that darn thing. Here is that video…..again, nighttime with my point-and-shoot camera just doesn’t to lighting justice.

And then there was when Lexi and Guinness watched themselves on TV. Man, I want my TV room back.

And my front room. Can we be done with construction yet? This is from when I was watching a friends 10 week old puppy when she was on vacation. Guinness was very intrigued with the puppy, it took Lexi a minute to warm up and even still she was a little scared by it.

Dogs in the snow last year. And me trying to be on camera at the end. I’m such a dork.

And Lexi gets the fish.

Okay, so way more video than you wanted about dogs, but a trip down memory lane for me.


Funniest Thing Ever!

So I was just downstairs making cookies (the quick, premade ones from the store that you just put in the oven) and thought I’d jazz them up a bit with whipped cream.  So I pulled out the whipped cream and then I was like, “I wonder what Lexi would do if I put it on her nose.” 

I held her nose, sprayed the whipped cream and let go.  It fell off her nose and on to the floor.  Not that spectacular.  I tried Guinness.  It stuck for a minute and he kept putting his head down and trying to lick and lifting his lips, it was funny.  Then he threw his head back and it went behind him and he ate it off the floor.  I’m laughing pretty good and tell Zach he has to come see it, so he comes down stairs and I put some whipped cream on Guinness nose and he immediately flips his head back (I guess he learned the first time) and it lands on his back, right where he can’t get it and some is still stuck to nose.  He can’t figure it out, he is walking in circles, licking, doing everything he can think of and Lexi comes along and eats it off him.  And as she would try to get it off his nose, he’d put his nose up so she couldn’t reach. 

 I decided to try Lexi again.  This time it stuck and she just kept licking and licking and getting lower and lower to the ground.  All the while, cross eyed because she is looking at it and then Guinness just walks over and gets it off.  So funny. 

They managed to clean it up pretty well.  I think tomorrow in the daylight, I’ll try it again and video it. 🙂

Oh Wait!

I was going to title this Random, but then…..isn’t everything in my blog random? So that would just be redundant.

Anyway…..first a story for you all. My husband did something truly romantic with out my previous knowledge last night. We were both tired, I’d had to go back to work to get my laptop and it was getting late, but it felt like we hadn’t had a chance to unwind, so I asked him if he want to go sit outside. He said sure, on what? I said a big warm blanket, because if you’ll remember, it was cold and windy last night. Anyway, I continued my stuff on the computer and Zach did to, but then he disappeared. Soon he was outside the bathroom asking me if I was okay. Well, of course I was, I just shut the door ’cause he doesn’t like when I leave it open. Anyway, he told me I should come outside with him. As I walked down the stairs, I saw a candle lit, champagne and a little bed made out of our sleeping bag and blankets, complete with pillows.  He managed all of this without my knowledge, with is pretty difficult to do.  I must have been a bit out of it.  It was soooo sweet.  So we sat outside, drank champagne, looked at the stars and cuddled. 🙂

Such a short story for me I know, but on to different things. My head is going in too many directions, maybe it’s because I haven’t written in a few days. Either way, I’ll go through this chronologically. On Sunday night I wanted something warm and gooey….a cookie or brownies…..but I didn’t want it to be a lot of work. Anyway, I set to finding out if we had any chocolate chips in the house, meanwhile, Zach documented my efforts. I forgot about that until today when I was downloading my pictures. So, here is how I have to dig through my baking cupboard. 🙂

Pretty funny, huh? I found chocolate chips, but they weren’t any good. So, no cookies for me and I decided homemade brownies were going to be too much work, so I went to bed. I think. I can’t really remember.

On Tuesday I was driving to work and it was really erie. Above me and to the North and the East, no clouds, it was a bright sunny beautiful fall morning, but to the South and the West the clouds we thick and gray, but they didn’t go too high because then it was blue sky again. Anyway, not the greatest of pictures, but you can kinda see what I’m talking about. Where all those clouds are, there are typically mountains. Crazy!

The that evening, I was driving East and the moon was coming up, while the sun was setting. It was pretty beautiful. It was bigger before I was able to get my camera out, but I was on the phone and driving, so you have to be a bit patient with me. 🙂 The first one is while I was doing the above and turning a corner, the second one is after I parked. 🙂 I love the coloring of the sky with the moon.

I guess this isn’t chronological, but on Monday I had a bad day at work. I was really pissed off most of the day and brought it home. I wanted to cry. I wanted to quit. And for really no reason. I love the people I work with, but not necessarily the people in the office, which is why on days I’m in the office, I have a tendency to get in a bad mood. You see, my boss works from home most of the time; the other guy who is part of our team here is extremely quiet and works from home about as much as I do, the rest of my team our in other states. But we have 10 people in the office here……those are the ones I have issues with. Anyway, Monday….not good day. Tuesday better. One reason why:

This was in a package I got at lunch. It is from my rep in California. We’ve only met once, and barely talked, but we talk and work together all the time now. He just got back from a two week trip to China and brought this back for me. Isn’t that sweet? It just made my day!

That’s all I have for now. I think I’m going to go read or watch TV. Night all!

Sick Baby

My baby is sick.  That’s right…..Lexi has something wrong with her.  The long version might be a bit gross, so don’t read if you don’t want to.

Lexi is an allergy dog.  About a month after we got her she was so itchy, she was eating patches in her coat.  We ended up putting her on drugs, the most effective was cheap walmart allergy meds.  We got it under control and didn’t have to continue as much, but she is still itchy.  When it gets really bad we give her some more meds, but that is rarely.

Over a year ago, she had a diarriah accident in the house and it had some blood drops at the end.  It freaked me out and we had to take her to the Doggy ER, as it was a Saturday.  They made us get a sample, which Zach had the pleasure of catching and walking through the lobby holding, the checked it and found nothing.  We fixed the diarriah problem and were told because the blood was dropplets at the end and not mixed in, we shouldn’t worry, it was probably all due to allergies.

About a month ago, when Lexi and I were running, she stopped and peed on the sidewalk….and blood drops came at the end.  Freaked me out a bit, but Zach reminded me what they said in the ER.  So I decided not to worry about it, I mean who knows when their dogs pee changes anyway.  The dog pees on grass, it’s not like it’s very visable.

Last week I came home and there was a small pee stain on the bed and the edge was a little blood.  Hmm…..not like Lexi to pee on a bed, but I wouldn’t have supposed it to be Guinness.  Again, it was a one time thing, so I was trying to see if it would happen again.  And nothing else was different, she still eats, she still plays, she still drinks, itches and is normal.

Yesterday it happened again.  I started to get worried.  Wanted to call the vet, but it was night so…..

Then it happened again today when Zach was home for lunch.

Now, how exactly do you get a dog to pee in a cup?  Especially one that drops her butt all the way to the ground (really, I’ve never seen a dog drop as low) to pee?  Well, we’ve told the vet we can’t do it, although I’ll try in the morning so they don’t charge me just to get her pee out.  Anyway, I have to take her to the vet tomorrow…..8AM.  Zach has to work.  I’m very worried and hope it’s just a simple like a bladder infection that they can treat easily.

Prove it!

I love my husband!  And sometimes it’s the small things that really make me notice.  One such thing is one of his favorite things to say right now, “Prove it!”  I’ve noticed his use of this phrase a lot recently.  He uses it everytime I tell him somehting and he doesn’t believe me, but sometimes he uses it just show I’ll show him whatever I thought was cool.  The way he says it is adorable and it always makes me smile.  I wish I was about to describe it better…..maybe, if you know my husband, he has already used it on you and you know exactly what I’m talking about. 🙂

Old and Gray.

Zach went gray on me today.  I don’t know if I’m ready for my husband to be old.  😦

At least he is still HOT, huh?

Just kidding…..he cut tiles all day and the dust covered his hair.  I thought it was funny, he didn’t really agree.

Productive day…..lots of house work, cleaning, painting, tile cutting, and dinner cooking.  I feel good.  Also got a lot of homework done.  Now, to relax with my 3rd alcoholic beverage of the day. 🙂


Mixed Messages.

Today was a long day. Zach and I got into an argument last night as we were going to bed and sometimes I can be so irrational. Yes, I know this, and can typically see it at the time, but something keeps me from being rational. I won’t go into details, but it’s an argument that we have quite often, but I feel best about our resolution last night. It’s funny, because there wasn’t really a resolution, but it feels different. And I have to say, I’ve got a pretty amazing husband, who when dead exhausted from a rough week will come downstairs and get me and isn’t angry….just calm and patience. Thank you Zach!

Anyway, that whole thing started my sleeping a bit off, but then I had to do this conference call with some classmates this morning. For those of you who don’t know me well, I HATE talking on the phone. I avoid it at almost all costs. So, I woke up a lot during the night stressing about the fact that I had to wake up early to talk to people I don’t even know. I get up, call in, and we’re having technical issues. I’m fine, but one of the girls can’t log into the WebEx (something to do with Windows Vista, that they never resolved) and one girl never showed up. I got tried of listening to the technical help, so I told them to let me know when they were done. It was a pain in the neck. But we got our assignment done and turned in. YAY. I like getting things accomplished. While I was doing school, Zach cleaned the fish tank…..good think….last night when I was sitting on the couch pouting, it was glowing neon green in the dark. I don’t think fish tanks are supposed to do that.

We were going to cut tile today, but needed to actually get the tile. On the way to the store, I got a really bad headache and then I became moapy. Funny, because Zach was in one of the best moods I’ve seen him in in a long time. After Home Depot we went to Target and managed to only get what we came for. At home, Zach gave me a neck, back massage and we napped until it was time for dinner.

Zach’s mom had invited us to dinner last night. So, we had a very enjoyable dinner at Sweet Tomatoes. And they had Apple Crisp again, with no cherries. Mmmm…

Then we came home, put our new shelving together:

We fixed the curtains (standing on stools and drilling is one of Zach’s favorite things) that have been unlevel and falling off the wall for months.

I wish I’d taken a picture before we fixed them, because, between the fact that they were falling off, the mini-blinds underneath are broken from the dogs looking out the window and the box fan, it all looked pretty darn ghetto.  See after curtains were removed, still ghetto:

Thankgoodness it’s all fixed. I’ve wanted it fixed for quite some time, but laziness gets in the way. I also cleaned our ceiling fan, which led to the comforter needing to be washed. I don’t know how a fan that is constantly moving can get so much dust on it. It was horribly gross. Yuck!Zach is playing football in the guest room. Waiting for me to come in, so I can play Pogo and he can play football and we can listen to Harry Potter #7. Beautiful way to spend the evening. I don’t know why I felt the need to give you all a list of my day, but I did. I wanted to get it out there and there it is. Hmmm….

One Year Ago Today.

I go back to the school I taught at last year on Thursdays and help out. Normally, it’s no big deal. I mean I don’t get emotional or anything, but yes, I’m emotional today. I don’t know why, as I wasn’t tearful on the last day of school, but today I want to cry.

Maybe it’s because one of my students came and talked to me for quite awhile. Maybe it’s the drama going on there, who knows. The classes I miss the most were the two I was most hesitant to teach: Newspaper and Journalism. It was probably the laid back nature of those classes, either way, join me in a trip down memory lane….

[rockyou id=84721148]

And because it’s the one year anniversary of my first published paper, you should go check it out at The Gateway Medallion.

How Rude!

I’ve been watching Full House during the day…..Stephanie always says “How Rude!” That’s how I feel today.

Ever since I went back to work, I’ve been working up cleaning up a mess with a certain customer. They have thousands of retailers and each has a different code and billing address. A lot of the invoices have been being returned, so I’ve been searching for updated addresses. The most effective way to go about this is to send them an email asking for their new address. Almost everyone is so nice about it, until I got this one:








I couldn’t believe it. Now, you have to understand. I am the ONLY employee that deals with this customer. I get all their emails, and returned mail. Accounting will generally send letters for non-payment, but every thing else is me. So, she is directly insulting me. Hmm…. And why, if you are so mad you have to type in all caps do you sign “THANKS”? Hmmmm…..

By the way, the invoice I had was from before she changed her address and the address had been changed in the system we just had a random invoice floating around.