On Writing….shhh….don’t tell Stephen King I stole the name of his book. :-)

I’ve really been in the writing mood lately.  Maybe it’s because I’m home alone a lot, work in a small office when I decide to go in and so have a very unsocial life.  Whatever it is I can’t stop thinking about writing at the moment and I don’t even have anything inparticular that I want to write about.

I was reading two different blogs today, one Dilbert Blog from the author of Dilbert, the other Photo Matt from the founder of WordPress.   I find both very interesting.  But I began to wonder…..what would it be like to just write blogs and travel for a living.  Maybe I need to start a new Blog site for travelers and spend my time traveling and speaking…..haha.  That would be funny.  Like I have anything to contribute to the world in that capacity.  I do think it would be a blast to have my own successful business that allowed me to travel, but with my interests, I don’t know where that successful business with flexible schedule will come from.  And the instability of my own business would be my own worst enemy.

I was watching this show on, oh gosh, like TLC or HDTV or something like that, but this guy buys expensive houses, remodels them and then sells them.  He’s a bit of a perfectionist and has a house full or people who work for him.  I’ve only seen the show like twice, but in the eposides I saw, he had to sell his house in order to complete a project and buy another house to work on.  If the house didn’t sell, his company wouldn’t have any money.  He was trying to talk his partner into doing the same thing.  Yes, that’s what he likes to do and he enjoys it, but man I couldn’t handle the stress and I think a lot of privately owned business start out like that.  Every penny you have goes to making the business run and if you have a bit extra for food, you are the lucky one of the hour.


One thought on “On Writing….shhh….don’t tell Stephen King I stole the name of his book. :-)

  1. Sometimes I feel like coming home and telling you “You know what? Screw it! Lets go and drive until we find somewhere we like or just keep driving as long as we are happy!”
    And then we would grab the dogs, jump in the car and leave everything else behind, happy as clams and in love.
    I could drive and you could take pictures and write.
    But would you go?????? Hmmm….
    Anyway, it’s H”G”TV not H”D”TV silly.

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