School Update:

Have I told you all about school yet? I don’t believe I have. I absolutely LOVE it!!! I have amazing teacher, great classmates, interesting content and best of all I get to go to school anytime I want! Yep, this is the life. :-)So, I was all upset last year with some things APS wanted us to do. Couldn’t get on board and you know what. 1 1/2 weeks of a masters program that has nothing to do with English and everything they wanted me to do last year makes 100% sense and I want to go do it. Amazing. They aren’t even trying to get me to accept those ideas, it just happened. Maybe it’s the “workshop” model that is so effectively done in this class. And if you don’t teach in APS, I know you are completely lost now, let’s just say ASP isn’t as stupid as I once thought, they just need to provide a bit more support and not cram it down everyone’s throat.

It’s great to be learning with people who want to learn and it’s great to be learning something I enjoy so much. Why I ever majored in something I wasn’t this interested and excited about I don’t know. Maybe I’m getting old, maybe I’m just finally finding myself. 🙂


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