I’m going to try to calm myself by telling you all about my weekend. It was a busy one.

On Friday night, I cooked dinner for my parents, sister, grandpa and of course Zach. We had pork loin, which I love, but we typically cook it in the oven. I think I like the oven way better, but we didn’t want to heat up the house, so we cooked it on the grill. It turned out okay, but it was crispy on the outside and just done on the inside, I like it more thorougly cooked. My dad had gone and gotten Watermelon and French Toast ice cream from Cold Stone earlier in the day, so when we were done with dinner we ate some ice cream. The Watermelon Sorbet was good, but I’m kinda in love with French Toast ice cream mixed with toasted coconut and a little bit of chocolate flakes. Mmmm… I might have to go have some…….maybe it’ll make me feel better. 🙂 We ate on the deck, so as it got dark the bugs came out and we all went inside and watched some home movies…..mainly sand dunes. It was fun and we laughed a lot.

On Saturday morning we woke up super early for us and met Zach’s mom (Sue) and her husband (Jack) for breakfast at Einstien’s Bagels. We had to be there at 7:30AM, which meant we had to leave at 7:00…..that’s way too early for Saturday. The we went down to Colorado Springs with them. Sue’s mom was put into a nursing home about a year ago and they sold her house and had to clean everything out. They wanted to know if we wanted anything, so we drove down to look. We did end up with some pretty cool stuff. My favorite are the champagne glasses. Cool champagne glasses are hard to find and if you know me well, you know that that's my favorite thing to drink. We were hoping to be home by noon, but didn’t get home until about 3 after a stop at Bed Bath and Beyond and Good Times. We decided that instead of tiling, we’d go to Target and get Zach a bike pump for his bike that he never rides, supposidly because the tires are flat. Anyway, when we got home Russ was sitting on our front steps, wondering where we were since we said we’d be home all day. Oops. Ron and Cody came with the food and I started weeding the front yard. Soon everyone was helping me, but Ron, who was inside cooking Tacos. Tacos were delicious….like always and during dinner Stacy walked in. She was a bit hyper. She loves her new townhome and had just moved in, so was super excited. After dinner we started drinking, had some champagne and eventually started playing Risk. I can't tell you much of what happened, but teaching Stacy to play when she is drunk is quite funny and then when her boyfriend who is overseas calls, it makes it that much funnier. I was the first one out of risk, but I kinda wanted to lose because I was so tired I just wanted to sleep. And sleep I did, for six hours, without even moving. Even we Zach came to bed and tried to get me off the covers so he could be warm. Haha.

Sunday we slept in a bit and watch some Big Love, then went to the store to get more mortar, came home and started tiling. Neither one of us wanted to do it, but we pushed ourselves and got 10 tiles done. Zach did more, as I cleaned up other parts of the house, but we moved a TV down there, so at least he had Xmen to keep him company. We were going to go to Sweet Tomatoes, but got done at 8 and still needed to shower, so we ordered pizza instead and hopped in the shower. When the doorbell rang, Zach was soapy and I had shampoo in my hair, Zach was grumpy about getting out of the shower to get the pizza so I did. I’m sure the guy was thrilled to see I soaking wet girl come to the front door after he’d been standing in the dark, wondering if he was at the wrong house. Hehe…..

Well, that was the weekend. Zach starts school tomorrow and I have to figure out what the assignment this week is. Oh, I had to do my school assignment on the drive to Colorado Springs on Saturday. Good thing I don’t get car sick. 🙂 I’m posting pictures in a new Album called August 2007, so go check it out. Oh, here’s the link to the photos: Photos


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