Back to the Future

My grandfather is in town. He is 91 years old and I love him dearly. My grandmother (who is in her late 80’s and I don’t like much), kicked him out for a month. Poor guy. Anyway, he is staying with my parents this week and I get to see him. I’m super excited, but it’s always weird being around him. He isn’t as alert and attentive as he was even two years ago. It makes me sad. Last time I saw him was for his 90th Birthday last year, so it’s been a while and he had lots of people around him. Maybe it’ll go better this time, but I’m still nervous.

Anyway, we all play this game at some point, but really, how much has my grandfather seen in his life time? I’ll fill you in on some personal details, but let’s play the game of what has happen from 1913 to now. Events, society, business, technology, anything…….Okay? Go.

— Grandpa was born wealthy (they had the first car in the neighborhood and a driver) and he was the oldest.
— Times changed, family changed and he became an orphan in his early teens. Every summer he was sent to work on a farm but never adopted.
— Grandpa joined the army.
— Married, had children, grandchildren.
— Got his high school diploma at 51.
— Delivered mail most of his life (the reason he makes the best peanut brittle in the world).
— Retired to AZ where he and my grandma still live on their own.


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