Happy Running

Today was a good day, but I’m beat.  I went with Zach to Great Clips to get his hair cut, (I know, I know, I normally cut it, but it’s been over six weeks and we just haven’t gotten around to it.  It’s the clean up.), anyway, after he was done he came over to me to leave and I could barely stand up, he had to pull me up and then I kinda wobbled to the car.  I suppose it was funny, but I felt ridiculous.  I guess running kinda kicked my butt today, but it’s all good.  I’m still enjoying it and my calves are looking mighty nice.  Too bad I don’t wear more dresses. 🙂

So I went to Gateway today.  It was great to be around students again.  I really, really do miss them, and I miss the interaction with people.  I mean today I sat in this big office with four other people total, and that was only at one point, most of the day it was three of us.  I never thought about that when I worked there before, I guess your perspective changes over time.  Just like, I really don’t care that I’m giving up two hours of my life once a week and not getting paid for it, but last year I’d have thrown a fit.  Hmmm….  I hope the student are okay with me hanging around.  I hope Corrie is okay with it.  I hope that the students realize it is still her class (and I think they do).  I hope we all get along all year.  I hope I’m a blessing to Corrie and not a burden.  I hope this keeps me happy until I go back.  I hope school is everything I’m looking for.  I hope leaving teaching for a few years doesn’t come back to haunt me.

Zach laid eight tiles today!  YAY!!!  They look great and we are slowly getting closer.  If it didn’t get so darn hot in the house, if we didn’t have Zach’s math and if we could both stay healthy on the same days we’d be done already.  Argh.  But it’ll come.

Funny, I started this blog to write about Running and what happened, more about other crap than running.  Well, I can run walk twoish miles every other day.  I think that’s pretty good for a person who was convinced a few month ago that she’d never be able to run because of her messed up ankles.  Yes, my ankle has bugged me a bit the last two times, but it’s not keeping me down.  On a side note, now that I’ve commited to this grand running program…..watch me get pregnant and have to stop.  Ha!  Okay, I’m not pregnant for those who are now freaking out.  Only God knows when that will happen, so stop asking. 🙂  I’m just always thinking of excused to stay fat and un-fit. 🙂  I’m an over-thinker.

To bed I go and it's oh, so early, but as I stated earlier, I'm beat and no one really reads these anyway, so I don't suppose it needs to be a book.  Good night all!


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