Mind Games

Well, I’ve been wanting to write this all day.  I keep going over it in my head and I’m sure it won’t make any sense when I get it on the screen, so here goes nothing.

I play games with myself.  Kind of a way to keep motivated, or get the water I need.  Let me explain.  Today, I was doing a rather tedious task that can get rather boring and I get distracted easily.  I told myself.  If you do three, you can play one game of mindsweeper, but only one.  Sometimes I forget I’m working towards something and just keep working.  Another example, is when I’m trying to make sure I drink enough water.  Once I was making a ton of copies.  I had about 100 four page packets to make.  So each time I completed one packet, I told myself I had to drink water.   Man, I drank a lot of water.  

What’s been bothering me today is what happens when I lose?  I’m never punished and really, I don’t think anyone even knows I’m playing these mind games.  Does anyone else play these games?


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