Hot Dogs

I’m obsessed with hotdogs.  I know how that sounds, but I’m talking about food here.

For the longest time I was convinced I didn’t like grilled hotdogs, because they were all burnt and gross.  I guess most people like the burntness, not me.  Well, this summer Zach has perfected cooking me a hot dog.  Perfectly juicy, plumb and hot.  I’m pretty picky and insist on Ball Park.  We had hot dogs on our trip to Washington, and they just weren’t right.  The best way to describe them was mushy…..gross.

Anyway, on Tuesday we were going to have hot dogs, we had buns, but somehow we’d cooked the last of the ball parks and so no hot dogs.  Yesterday I went to the store on my way home from work and guess what, ball parks were buy one get one free.  YAY!!  I stocked up.  When Zach got home and I talked him into hotdogs he got the package out and said “Smoked White Turkey Franks, huh?”  WHAT?!?!?  How could I be so stupid!  We tried them.  They aren’t bad for 45 calories, but they can’t be considered a hotdog.

I still crave a hotdog…..I might have to go back to the store tonight.


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