Oregon/Washington 2007 – Part 1

Well, hello!

We are driving down the road as I type and just saw a very interesting sign. It said “Drive Safely. [Digital box =1] days since last serious collision.” I wish I would have had my camera out, instead of my laptop. That would have been funny. I’ve decided my best friend, Susie, had a great idea when we traveled to New Hampshire – She just takes photos of funny signs….well, actually, pretty much any sign, but it’s fun. Different parts of the country are just different in the signs they post. I will try to do a better job of documenting signs on my way back. And now I’ve been rambling again. I had it in my head that I wouldn’t do that this time. I wonder if my ramblingness is a direct results of always writing papers that had to be a certain length, which to me usually meant long and now I have a hard time doing short. Here’s an overview and you can choose to read the rest or not.

Day 1 (Friday June 29): We worked all day. Came home carted dogs to my parents. Packed car. Picked up Ron. Wanted to leave: 7:00PM, actual time of departure: 10:00PM. Went to Walmart and KFC on our way out of town.

Day 2 (Saturday June 30): Zach drove all night, until about 5 or 6AM – I slept the whole time. I drove Utah. Ron drove 3 hours of Nevada. I drove the rest of Nevada and until Susanville, CA about 6 or 7 hours. Pretty impressive for me. Then Zach drove the rest of the way to Medford….about 3 hours. We made the trip in something like 21 hours. When we got to Grandma’s house (Zach’s grandma) Zach and I went on a walk, the night was delightful. There was a nice cool breeze, the humidity was perfect. And then we went back, took a shower and promptly fell asleep.Day 3 (Sunday July 1): We woke late and were slow, but it’s vacation, so that is what you are suppose to do! We ate at Elmer’s, then spent a lot of the day looking for a clip to attach to my lens cap so I don’t lose it. We also got Zach’s hair cut, as I didn’t have time to cut it before we left Colorado. By the time we got back home, Grandma was in the process of cooking a very yummy dinner…..Ribs. I’d never had homemade ribs and they were delightful. Later that evening we went and hung out with Zach’s cousin Tyler, his wife Kim and their son, Mason. Mason is eight and just had his tonsils out, but he is a great kid. I really enjoyed our time there.

Day 4 (Monday July 2): We left Medford a little late due to Grandma cooking breakfast and telling us how to be safe and not to take roads we don’t know and don’t trust anyone, etc…..like Zach isn’t 30 and I’m still a child. It was a bit frustrating. But then we were off. We decided to drive over to the coast instead of taking I-5 up to Seattle, which turned into a three hour trip to the coast and meandering at usually 45MPH through tiny little towns. It was nice and fun, but man, slow as slow can be. We did eat at the slowest A&W ever, but it was really good and we saw the world’s largest Sea Lion Cave – pretty amazing. Could have stayed there all day, but they were closing up. We decided to try to get to Tillamook, so we could visit the cheese factory the next day, but when we got there all the hotels were way expensive, so we decided we needed to use our camping gear, but Zach was sure it would be a pain to find a spot and get setup in the dark. (It’s about 10:30 by now), but we found a nice campsite called Barview right and the beach in Oregon. Within 30 minutes we were fast asleep. Our new two person tent is so easy to put up. We steaked it down in sand, which was quite comfortable.Day 5 (Tuesday July 3, today): We slept in again. Camping close to tree, in the mountains and on the beach has proven to be the best “Jenn-proof” camping place. The temperatures didn’t drop too cold at night (I slept on top of the sleeping bag) and because of the overcastness we slept until 9AM! I’m normally up at 7 when camping so the tent doesn’t become hot on me. Anyway, we decided to go back to I-5, because the coast was taking way too long. We drove most of the day, but we stopped to take some photos of Mt. St. Helen’s. Washington is not quite as lush as Oregon, but where we our now (Port Angeles) is beautiful, to the North is the Straight of something (the ocean) and to the South are the snow covered Olympic Mountains. Quite beautiful and you can see all the way to Canada. We are staying at this place and there are only three houses on the road. The guy who owns most of the land seems to pot old cards and machinery to watch it grow. It’s pretty funny! I’ll post some pictures later.

Adios for now. I think I kept those pretty short, well at least for me.


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