Damn Computers!!

I love technology…..really I do…..but today, when I’m tried and have a lot to do, why, oh why, do all my computer need to test me???

I have access to three computers at home. Our desktop, my old laptop (likes to overheat and shut it’s self off without warning) and my beautiful work laptop. Now, I’m suppose to be able to do all my work on the work laptop, but I think that would make things just a little too easy. I learned several weeks ago that the only thing the work laptop was good for was checking email, but even that changed this weekend. Would only start up on the third or fourth try, the computer itself would freeze up if you tried to go look at the task manager. Really, just plain stupid. So, I end up using our desktop for my email, but because we use outlook, internet explorer works best as the web browser, but can that work on the desktop. Noooooo, that would be too easy.

So, I have to use my personal laptop (the one that over heats) to access the secure sever, because for some reason it is the only one with the correct software installed and running. And today, it just won’t stay on. I’m frustrated. People need their reports. I just want to cry and go to bed, so I think I’m going to go eat and pretend computers haven’t been invented yet, then, maybe in 30 minutes I can come back and they will all work perfect, right???


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