Tornado Warning

Odd thing happened this evening. In the past thirty minutes the loud sirens have gone off. This is the first time that I remember them since we’ve lived in this house. They sure are loud. When I lived with my parents, we didn’t close enough to sirens to hear them unless we were outside and everything was quiet.

I wonder where we learn what to do when we hear the sirens. I’ve decided my house isn’t tornado proof and it’s a good thing I’m not scared of tornadoes. If you know any stories from my childhood, you’ll know I was taught not to fear nature, especially tornadoes, but I do seem to be a bit scared of the sirens. I don’t like being home alone when they go off. Maybe it’s because I recently read The Book Thief, a book that takes place during WWII in Germany, but all I can think of when I hear the sirens is war. Hmm…..well, I just had to get it out. Hope everyone else out there has survived the SIREN. 🙂


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