Funny Bird…or Wednesday Morning Wake-up

I’ve been meaning to post this all week, but I forget. Oops.

Last Tuesday I came home and it was a beautiful day, so I opened the back door for the dogs and left it open for them to run in and out. They generally like to watch people getting their mail. I totally forgot it was open and eventually went to bed. Zach normally closes up the house, so I don’t worry about it.

Wednesday morning I wake up and it is freezing in the bedroom. I figure it’s just because we left the window open. I close the window and go take my shower. After I get out of the shower, I notice that the dogs are no where to be found and they are usually still sleeping on the bed. Again, I just go about my business. A few minutes later I hear some weird noises downstairs and then Guinness comes up, looks at Zach on the bed, tucks his ears and goes to his bed. Again, I keep getting ready. Finally, I decided I can’t take it any longer and I go downstairs. In the kitchen I see Lexi staring at a bird.

I run up stairs screaming, “Zach, we have a creature.”
“There is a bird in the kitchen. I’m going to get the camera and take pictures.”

Now remember I’m still not ready for work and it’s actually past the time I’m suppose to have left. Sometimes I think I can warp to school or something. 🙂 Anyway, turns out Zach forgot to lock up the house and the back door was open all night. Who knows when the bird got in, but it was pretty freaked out. I’m just thankful I’d turned the heater off a few days before or it would have been trying to heat the outdoors all night. 🙂 Below are my rushed attempts at capturing the bird.


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