Guinness & the Apple

During his teenage years, Guinness is going through some rebellion. Although, it started when we first got him. He is quite a sensitive guy and would chew up any and everything he could get his hand on, so they get kenneled during the day. The worst he can do in there is chew up his own blanket (which he does). A couple of weeks ago when we were painting, we locked the dogs upstairs, so they wouldn’t get in the paint, we just put the baby-gate up, so they could still see us. But at the end of the day, what was chewed up? They part of my $300 vacuum that plugs into the wall. Luckily it still works, but it might be a bit of a safety issue. Then a few days later he decided to chew through the cord of my cell phone charger. You see…..on nice days I can leave the back door open, and they run in and out and play and have a blast. But on days like today, when I’m cold, I bring them with me into the office and turn on the space heater. Guinness will eat anything he finds, that’s why most of the time his bones are in here. Well, today, I noticed an apple on the desk and I thought, maybe he’ll chew on that and it will keep him occupied. I made a little dent so he could smell the good stuff, and he started licking it. Lexi smelled it, but had not interest. In a matter of seconds he was chewing and devoured the entire apple, seeds and all. I’m a bit concerned he is going to get sick, but it was quite entertaining. Now he is intrigued with a cheese wrapper he found in the trash and a sticker he found on the floor. Anyway, here are some pics:


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