So, a random, funny (maybe), childish story of a high school English teacher.

Last Thursday I had just dismissed my class of 10th graders and walked back to my desk, when what do I notice? I bright teal condom with a squirt or two of lotion in it thrown on my desk. At first I completely freaked out, went to another teachers class and not so nicely, asked her to come see what a student put on my desk. I talked to the dean and a few students who were in the class. After long discussions with several people and a lot of thinking back to the day here are some random facts:

* boy who put it on my desk was caught not reading and said “It was just lotion.”
* lotion came from a girl that sat at a different corner of the room.
* condom came from a different boy at a different part of the room who is quoted to have said that it wasn’t big enough.
* boy with condom is also the student who printed my photo off of my lj account onto a full sheet of paper and then put it in his see-through binder.
* this class is always rude to me, but this day was 10x worse.

What are you going to do with 10th graders????


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