Photo Year in Reveiw – 2006

So, my friend did this in her blog and I thought, huh, what a great way to kill sometime. So I started looking through my photos and it really got me to thinking about all the stuff that has happened this year. Anyway, here’s the story and some random favorites along the way.

JANUARY 2006 1. We got a remote control car for Christmas and of course, the dogs needed to be terrorized. 🙂

2. I also stole my parents 35mm SLR and taught Zach how to use it.


3. We enjoyed a Mammoth game with some friends.

4. We left the dogs out one day and came home to this:

5. We began work on our banisters.

6. And had our first CPK Party (California Pizza Kitchen) with Hanna and Stacy.

MARCH 2006

7. We adopted Marco and Polo, who were then adopted by Ron.

8. And I had to get a new hair style for teaching interviews.

APRIL 2006

9. We celebrated our 2nd Anniversary by taking the dogs to Castlewood Canyon, where we were married.

10. And had our first fire pit night.

MAY 2006

11. Zach retrieved Jake, the snake, from the backyard.

12. We spent time with Grandma on Mother’s Day.

13. Went to my Grandpa’s 90th BDay as a family.

14. Celebrated my new job.

15. And hung out in our backyard.

JUNE 2006

16. We had another firepit, to burn our wicker furniture. And this time Stacy’s boyfriend, Joe, was in town.

17. We also went on our only camping trip of the year.

JULY 2006

18. We finished up the banisters, just in time for Zach’s birthday.

19. Susie came to visit.

20. Zach finally had green grass.

21. And, of course, we celebrated Zach’s birthday on the hottest day of the year.

22. Stacy came home from Japan with new hair.


23. Lexi met her first “Big Dogs” and insisted on stealing logs from other dogs.

24. I started teaching and went to my first Gateway football game with Keri and Amanda.


25. Zach and I went to Homecoming.

26. Stacy and I went to Switchfoot.

27. And we got our first snow.


28. My birthday and bowling.

29. Thanksgiving


30. Holiday Blizzard and Christmas

31. New Camera Fun.