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Isn’t it the feeling of accomplishment wonderful? Tomorrow is our 1 year anniversary of buying our house, YAY, but that isn’t the accomplishment. Many of you have probably heard us complain about our banisters and their beautiful blue.

Before we bought the house, we had decided that if we did, the first thing we would do is change the banister. Well, some how many other home improvement projects moved in front of the banister and at the beginning of the year still nothing had happened. Ugh! With the holidays in the past, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to start this project. Our initial plan was to strip the paint down to the wood below and stain it. Well, we worked on it every weekend for about a month and ran out of steam. It seemed like we were getting nowhere. Two months later, we decided just painting over the blue was the way to go. So we spent a lot more time prepping it for paint and then about a day and a half priming it, painting it and repainting it, but it’s done!!!! And it feels great!


What do you think???

Other recent accomplishments: I’ve been working out fairly consistently and really enjoying it for about a week and a half. I can feel my muscles getting harder and maybe someday that will equate to losing a bit of fat.Okay, I have to leave you with these last few pictures. We haven’t been letting the dogs play in the backyard because we’ve been trying to grow some new grass. But when our neighbors aren’t out front, we let the dogs play out there. They are so much fun to watch and get so excited to run and play. Anyway, last week I was able to get a few good shots.

My babies: Lexi and Guinness

My honey, Zach, and Lexi

Hope you enjoyed the long story! I’m in such a good mood today. Only 9 more working days at TransUnion and then I get to be a teacher. Zach’s birthday is tomorrow and so it’s a super long weekend. What more could you ask for?

Oh, I just finished reading the Da Vinci Code and will be posting to Chocolate Soup soon, but it really wansn’t all it was hyped up to be.