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Wasting away….

time that is. I hope this summer goes fast, but not too fast. All my people are out of the office this week, which is making the week really slow and it is only Tuesday. Of course, that could have something to do with the fact that I just got this really great job that I can’t stop thinking about.

Yesterday I went to Benefits Training, not all that exciting, but need-to-know information. I showed up a bit early (only 30 minutes) and I think they wanted to get rid of me. 🙂 J/K They sent me down the hall to get my ID picture taken. I suppose the photo isn’t completely terrible but I really wasn’t prepared to have my photo taken and to make it just a tad worse, it is good for two full years…..ahhh. I have another class on Thursday: Child Abuse and Bloodborne Disease…..sounds like fun.

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from Corrie, those who read my last blog will remember her as one of the teachers that interviewed me, she wanted to know if I wanted to come by this week of next and meet the staff, see my classroom and pick up some books. Do I? Yes, Of Course, Today, Perfect. Well, that’s what I wish I would have said, but since I had that training to go to I couldn’t and this week is pretty busy, so my real response was: “Sounds like fun. What time next week is good for you?” Good thing she picked Monday, I couldn’t have gone two weeks, one day has practically killed me. 🙂 So excited!!!!!!

So this weekend is going to be interesting……I feel like I’m spending the whole weekend with my Dad’s side of the family and we rarely see them, even though most of them live within an hour drive. Oops. Anyway, my Aunt is getting married on Friday night at 6 at her house. This will be her third marriage, (I was the flower girl in the last wedding) and I really hope this one works out for her. Funny thing…..she has a son named Nick and he has a son named Nick and I think they are like a year or two apart……won’t that be confusing.

Then on Sunday, back to my aunt’s house for my grandpa’s 90th Birthday Celebration. Oh how I wish I had all his stories on video, he has some great stories of growing up rich, then becoming an orphan, joining the army and marrying my grandma, raising four children and graduating high school at age 50 or 53. I will definitely bring the video camera on Sunday, hopefully I’ll get some good memory stuff.

Zach wants to make some peanut brittle to give Grandpa. For those who don’t know, Grandpa makes the BEST peanut brittle on the face of the earth and he taught us how to make it at Thanksgiving. He wanted to ensure that the recipe gets passed along before he dies, so all the relatives that visit, he teaches them how to make it, in hopes that someone will be able to perfect it like he has. Our first batch was pitiful:
Jenn: “Umm, guys, the pan is smoking.”
Stacy: “No, isn’t not smoking, it’s just steam. It’s really hot.”
Zach, inspecting closely: “Yeah, it’s just steam.”
Jenn, from the table: “Sure, whatever you say.”
Minute later, smoke was everywhere and the batch of peanut brittle was outside in an attempt to keep the house from becoming to stinky. I got involved with the next batch and from then on we improved, little by little, I don’t think we’ve mastered it, but we are getting close and I think Zach wants to share that with Grandpa. We will see if it happens.

This blog ended up a lot longer than I was expecting. I really just started it to tell everyone that I get to see my classroom on Monday……looks like I got a little distracted. 🙂