So, I went to the interview. Went pretty well. Only three people, in a small conference room with furniture from the 70’s. The chairs were orange….quite beautiful. Oh, and the schools colors, orange and black…….who voted for that?? Anyway, it went pretty good. I was perfectly honest, but I also got the feeling that they didn’t really care. Well, the department head cared. He was a wonderful old man, probably around 60, and he liked to smile. Reminded me of a guy I used to know.

Anyway, they have three openings……2 full-time and 1 80%. So I’d much rather have the full-time positions, but 80 is better than 60 and in October it could move into a full-time position depending on their numbers. I think they interviewed about 10 people…….five today and five last Tuesday……now I’m thinking……what if they offer me a job……do I want it? Do I want to be hired at my first interview? Or do I want to wait for a middle school opening or another school that isn’t “in the ghetto”? Or do I want the school in the ghetto, because I actually get to see progress? It sure would be nice to know I have a job and not have to worry about interviewing, but am I selling myself short? Hmmm…..they said I’d hear by Tuesday. If they don’t want to hire me, I know the answer is keep looking, but what if they do want to hire me………what do I do?


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