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Wrong Way To Be Woken Up

So, I had my first experience with one of my ‘kids’ peeing in the bed, thankfully not my own…..

Early this morning I woke to the sound of water splashing next to my bed. I looked down, but in the darkness could not see anything. I told my husband that I needed light, and as the light came on I was greeted by Guinness, our 70 pound black lab, standing over one of our two dog pillow, peeing. He just kept going, even when I tried to get him to stop so I could get him outside. It was a mess. Luckily the pillow must have some sort of water repellent on it, because it all ran down into the middle of the pillow (the indent where the dogs sleep) and didn’t go through the pillow to the carpet. Okay, so I’m trying to be positive because I sure wasn’t happy at 3AM when this was all taking place. There was a spot or two on the carpet, but those were very small compared to the amount of pee. After I let Guinness outside, I had to take care of my own business… I walked out of the bathroom, I saw that the other pillow, that is on the other side of the bed was also peed on. It took us about 40 minutes to clean up the mess. I was so mad, but I can’t blame it all on Guinness. I’m sure it was an accident, in the four months we’ve had him this has never happened. He’s never woken us to go to the bathroom. Part of that might be the fact that he is quiet. I’m sure last night he went to the door and scratched and maybe even cried a bit, but he is very quiet and never barks to go outside, so being the hard, deep sleepers that we are, I’m sure we wouldn’t have heard. Second, what kind of parent lets their child drink tons of water just before bed and doesn’t insist they go to the bathroom? Answer: A parent that wants to be woken up at 3AM to clean up a big mess. I need to remember this when I have real kids!! 🙂 Because I was sore from working out, tired and grumpy from being woken up I didn’t even get up at 5:30 to make Zach breakfast…..just made him get up and go to work without anything……what kind of wife am I? Man, I really need to practice being a little less selfish before I have children, ’cause I don’t think it would work to great right now. 🙂