Switchfoot Concert

So, Stacy and I had quite an adventure the other day. Okay, not as exciting as some concert stories I’ve heard but exciting in my little part of the world. It was Stacy’s first concert, so of course she got really goofy and weird. We got there 30 minutes before the doors opened and had to stand in line. We were right next to this guy who must have thought we were weird, but he is the weird one, going to a concert by himself and all. Anyway, we get in and had no clue where to go, had to ask the security guards at the entrance. Guess you could tell we’ve never done this before. Then after a stop at the bathroom we made are way to the front. We decided we’d come this far, we were going all the way. Of course the front was already packed, but we slowly moved ourselves into the crowd and around people who weren’t paying attention and ended up a little to the right but only two people from the front. So very close. We had a blast. The first band was great – Reeve Oliver and man, the lead singer, guitarist is so cute. But I really didn’t like the second band – Eisley. I was almost ready to give up my good spot.

I’ll finish the rest later.


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