CO to NH #4

8:24 (CO time) – Niagra Falls, NY – Took a small (several hour) diversion to Niagra Falls – very peaceful and beautiful, but made us more sleepy.  We got to watch the fog lift from the falls, leaving a full rainbow over the waters.  We stayed on the US side, but Canada was just across the river and all the cool buildings were on the Canadian side!  The ranger at the info booth tried to convince us to go on a boatride or on the ‘Cave of the Winds’ tour down at the base of the falls, but we’re just too exhausted.  Called home, then went to Denny’s for breakfast.  Considered stopping and taking a nap, but after cleaning out car and sending postcards, decide to push on.  Found short-cut to highway and were quickly back on the road to “home”.  Quite slap happy. (S)

Just realized we forgot to meantion Cleveland.  Arrived in Cleveland about 3am.  From highway, resembled Denver — Stadium, TREX, Chipotle sign.  Also Ohio has Starbucks at on-toll road stops.  However, Jennifer in desperate need of restroom and we need gas.  Jennifer ready to stop driving or was I driving?  Can’t remember.  Decide to exit at Chipotle sign (4 gas stations advertised).  1st gas station: stop, pull up for gass, switch seats while Jennifer tries restroom.  Gas station locked, so we drive to next station.  Am already pumping gas by time Jennifer get to door–she pulls, lunges, but this door is also locked.  Gas attendent lock a bit concerned.  Jenn decides to walk to next station.  She is just out of my view when car screeches around corner and both driver and passenger throw heads out window and scream blood murder.  Meanwhile, two ‘gang-looking’ young men are crossing street and begin cussing out car.  Am in panic as cannot see Jennifer.  Stop pumping gas and drive to station where Jenn had headed.  Get there, park and find door locked.  No Jennifer.  More panic.  Drive across the street to Shell station.  Ne Jennifer.  As preparing to call 911, Jennifer appears out of 3rd station, so drive to meet her.  Very thankful to find her alive and safe.  Though Cleveland rocked upon first examination, have decided that Cleveland no longer rocks.  Hope cop pulls us over for escort out of Ohio.  Just before Pennsylvania, try stopping at gas station (I still needed to use restroom and Jennifer ill).  While Jennier is in restroom, sit with gas attendents and local ad watch horror flick about curse of the gypsy.  After Cleveland, am a bit wheasy about situation.  Beat it to and throught Pennsylvania, and stop in NY for gas.  Very happy to have distance between us and Cleveland.  Soon after decide to go to Niagara–just outside of Buffalo. (S)


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