CO to NH #3

5:20pm – Leaving Chicago.

Left city by accident — Chicago turned into Indiana.  Neil called–he was here yesterday.  Nearly died trying to reach Camisky Park.  However, very handy that while going to sports shop (also deathly experience, though next to police sub station) noticed headlight was out and found auto parts store conveniently located across the street.  We agree God must have been watching! (S)

Spent morning (after 11am) wandering city–went to skydeck at Sears Tower.  Very high.  Awesome jets (F-18) flying all around–even through skyscrapers. (S)

Saw TU Chicago…Very nice.  Couldn’t go in…too much security.  The (cute) policemen left before we could get our pictures taken with them.  Bummer. (J)

From Sears Tower saw our hotel.  It was really big!  I suppose a whole city block would be, but you just don’t notice on the ground.  The tower is 110 stories, we went to the 103 and were 3 stories above where the roof of the Twin Tower used to be (See Postcard).  (J)

Susie tried to cause serious car accident on highway during 5pm rush hour traffic.  Was stupid, but also decided Chicago drivers are very rude.  Not to mention loud.  Their signs are amusing.  Never saw a drive-thru eatery, though saw lots of signs for drive-thru smoke shops and OTB (off-traffic betting sites_.  Still no idea what those are precisely for.  Now very happy Jennifer insisted on gong to hotel bathroom.  Now on diversion. (S)

7:12pm – Got off tollway. (NOTE: apparently, pay only for one random exit fee from tollway — unlike E-470.  Thought toll was $6.15 but was in face only $0.65.  Have decided that E-470 very expensive.)  Are eating at Chili’s in Michigan City.  Jennifer expertly changed headlight (in Chili’s parking lot).  Plan after dinner: find strong coffee and get gas, ice, etc.  Ohio soon, then Pennsylvania. (S)


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