CO to NH #2

12:50am – North Platt – $20.93 for 13.087g ($1.59/gallon). Very retarded gas pumps at Phillips 66. (S)

1:21am – Susie went the wrong way! J/K.  Almost.  I’m sleeping. Bye. (J)

4:40am – Lincoln – back to driving (J).  I’m determined to not whimp out this time. SND. Note: Stopped at rest stop, fell asleep, Jennifer took over. (S)

10:50am – Lots of random emergency bathroom and nap stops.  Jennifer has had difficulties (health related).  Susie has had difficulties (sleep-related, or previous lack there of).  Just ate at Country Kitchen.  Eggs were wierd yellow and Jenn’s bacon was peppery.  Yuck.  Gasoline $14.84, 9.6 gal, $1.479/gallon. (S)

2:26pm –  Beddendorf – Were making good time but took diversianary trip to small city-town. (S)

3:47pm – Wild Goose Chase!  We finally found the post office.  Susie needs the bathroom, now we hope to find I-80.  Then three hours to Chicago. (J)

4:03pm – Illinois for the 2nd time. (J)

8:00pm – Arrived (at hotel) in Chicago around 8 PM.  Staying at the Hilton Chicago for the night.  Very posh.  Two bathrooms.  21st floor.  We have to ride the “executive” elevator to our floor. (S)


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