Written: November 20, 2007

In the fall of 1999, I began my first year in college. As part of that adventure I bought a new laptop. I was still living at home, so I didn’t NEED a laptop, but it did come in handy. I used the laptop for four years when it decided it didn’t want to save to disk anymore and was causing me heartache in school. I bought a new laptop, but was never able to part with my first baby due to the fact that it held all the email, essentially my life, for two full years. It captured the most emotional parts of my life. I recently decided to retype my “sent” items into my blog. What better way to keep a running record of my life. So far, I’ve re-experienced my first boy troubles and the hectic life of a freshman college student working a full time job.

I’m still torn as to what to do with all the email’s I was sent. I might retype them as well and leave them private as it’s not my writing, I have snuck a few in here already because they were important e-mails that got me through a lot and I don’t want to lose them.

I warn you, if you choose to read, it will take you hours, but you could equate it to a novel, kinda like the TTYL series. Anyway, the first section….September 1999-December 1999 starts now.

“Love” Interests

September 1999
09.06.99 — To: Alan {Hi!}
09.06.99 — To: Ali {Sorry!}
09.09.99 — To: Mr. Stewart {Guess What???}
09.13.99 — To: Dennis {The Burning Hut}
09.15.99 — To: Beth {Re: You are fabulous}
09.15.99 — To: Tammy {Hello!}
09.15.99 — To: Mr. Stewart {Hi!}
09.15.99 — To: Alan {Hi!}
09.29.99 — To: Rachel {Re: rachel}
09.30.99 — To: Susie {Friday}

October 1999
10.11.99 — To: Mr. Stewart {Re: Do you have a boyfriend yet?}
10.12.99 — To: Jenn (Me) {Are you happy?}
10.14.99 — To: Leif {Sorry I missed you.}
10.17.99 — To: Grandma Helen {HI}
10.18.99 — To: Tammy {Howdy!}
10.19.99 — To: Bianca {Re: Hello!}
10.24.99 — To: Crystal S. {Hello!}
10.25.99 — To: Mr. Stewart {Hi!}
10.28.99 — To: Nathan {Good Morning!}
10.30.99 — To: Crystal T. {Hi!}
10.31.99 — To: Brandon {Thanks for writing!}

November 1999
11.01.99 — To: Nathan {Re: Something for you to read!}
11.02.99 — To: Nathan {Re: hello}
11.04.99 — To: Nathan {Response…}
11.07.99 — To: Nathan {Thanks!}
11.08.99 — To: Nathan {Just wanted to say “Hi”}
11.13.99 — To: Jeremy {Yes!!}
11.13.99 — To: Leigh {Re: 🙂}
11.13.99 — To: Nathan {End to Beginning}
11.16.99 — To: Nathan {No Subject}
11.16.99 — To: Jeremy {No Subject}
11.18.99 — To: Jeremy {No Subject}
11.19.99 — To: Nathan {Thanks for the wonderful afternoon!}
11.19.99 — To: Jeremy {Hello!}
11.21.99 — To: Mr. Stewart {Boyfriend}
11.21.99 — To: Crystal S. {Re: Hey from Crystal}
11.23.99 — To: Nathan {Just a little Good Morning!}
11.24.99 — To: Nathan {Nothing to do…}
11.25.99 — To: Nathan {Happy Thanksgiving!}
11.27.99 — To: Mr. Stewart {No Subject}
11.27.99 — To: Jeremy {Re: to our friendship}
11.28.99 — To: Meredith T. {Hello!}

December 1999
12.02.99 — To: Nathan {Re: Hope everything goes okay!}
12.02.99 — To: Mr. Stewart {Reply}
12.03.99 — To: Nathan {Re: Just a short email!}
12.03.99 — To: Nathan {No Subject}
12.06.99 — To: Nathan {Re: Hello}
12.06.99 — To: Mr. Stewart {Re: Ankle}
12.06.99 — To: Mr. Stewart {Re: a “B”?}
12.10.99 — To: Nathan {I’m soooo sorry!}
12.11.99 — To: Nathan {Re: ?}
12.12.99 — To: Nathan {Re: Well you have almost become successful}
12.16.99 — To: Nathan {Happy Birthday!}
12.18.99 — To: Nathan {Thanks!}
12.20.99 — To: Crystal S. {Re: Hi- Jenny}
12.20.99 — To: Emma {Hi}
12.20.99 — To: Tammy {No Subject}
12.21.99 — To: Nathan {Thanks!}
12.22.99 — To: Nathan {Hmm…I can’t think of one!}
12.23.99 — To: Nathan {schedule}
12.23.99 — To: Jessica {Plane tickets}
12.25.99 — To: Nathan {Merry Christmas}
12.26.99 — To: Nathan {No Subject}
12.30.99 — To: Nathan {No Subject}


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