email 12.18.99 // Thanks!

From: Jenn
To: Nathan
Date: 12.18.1999

Dear Nathan,

Thanks for writing.  I know I talk to you everday, but there is just something about getting something in writing from you.  It’s so special.  I can go back and read it over and over and over again.  I’m sure you probably feel the same way.  Well, my day was very relaxing.  I didn’t really shop.  I got bored really quickly and went out ot the car and read my book.  I finished it.  It was a very good book and it challenged me in my relationship with God.  I’ve noticed recently that the books that I really like and think are really good, are always the books that challenge me.  I still would like to start praying and discussing the Bible with you.  I really think it would help us grown, both in our relationship and also with God.  Maybe instead of saying what are we going to do?  What would you like to do?  etc…we should just say okay, neither one of us has anything really pressing, we should pray and read the Bible for a while.  What do you think?

About Monday, I only have to clean the house.  I was thinking it might be fun to go get dinner before the game instead of after, that is if I’m still invited.  I guess I’m assuming too much, but I just look for any excuse to spend time with you.

Sorry I didn’t write more, but I just looked at the clock and I really have to get going or I’m going to be late.  I should be home sometime around 9.  I’ll call you when I get home.  I’ll talk to you then.



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