email 11.16.99 // {no subject 2}

Hi Jeremy~

I have somethings that I think we need to discuss.  My dad says that I might be leading you on and since I’ve never really been able to figure out our relationship, I’ve decided that I need to clarify it before I can come out [to Wisconsin].  Over the past couple of months a lot has happened that has caused me to reconsider coming out.  First, our relationship seems to be slipping.  I don’t know all the factors involved, but we’ve stopped communicating like we used to.  One of the factors influencing me is a guy named Nathan.  We’ve become really good friends since school has started and we do a lot together.  Another thing that has caused me to rethink my trip is that I would feel more comfortable being home for Y2K.  At first it didn’t bother me, but the closer it gets, the more I want to be home.  I also don’t really want to break Susie and my tradition of so many years.  I mean this is the one year we’ve always looked forward to celebrating together.  Anyway, I felt that these issues needed to be address, I just didn’t know how to go about it.  I figured by writing it all in a letter it would allow me to get all my thoughts, feelings and concerns out in and organized manner without becoming too emotional. Your friendship is very dear to me.  Instead of coming out for New Years I was thinking that maybe I could come out with Jessica and Nick around the middle of January.  Please let me know your feelings and thoughts.

Your Friend,


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