email 11.13.99 // Yes!!

From: Jenn
To: Jeremy
Date: 11.13.99



Life has been crazy here. I’ve been so busy with school and work and church, I feel like I have no time to rest. I saw you on the other night, but I didn’t have time to get off and had to go really quickly. Even now I should not be writing to you, I have two tests to study for and an essay to write on a book I haven’t even read. That will be a challenge for me. I’ve always read every book I needed to, but this one was too time consuming. On Thursday I went tot eh oral doctor and we talked about me having my wisdom teeth removed. Mom and I decided I will have them out on the 5th of January. I also went for a job interview. It was really weird because I had an interview with 3 men and then at the very end the lady I would be working with the most came in. It was just a weird situation. I didn’t know what to think coming out of it. The guy who offered me the job in the first place came over today to say that I got the job if I still wanted it. So as of the 30th I will not be working at the daycare center anymore. I’ll miss the kids terribly, but I think it was the time for me to move on. I found out the other day that my school doesn’t send out midterms unless you have a grade of a D or below, so since I didn’t get my grades I guess I don’t have a D or a F. I guess that’s a good thing. I’m so ready for Christmas break. The rest will be nice. The weather here is still absolutely beautiful. Sunny and in the 70 during the day, the evenings are cold though. Hmm…I guess I should go make and attempt at my homework. I’ll talk to you later.




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