email 10.31.99 // Thanks for writing!

From: Jenn
To: Brandon
Date: 10.31.1999



I really guess I didn’t expect you to write back, especially so quickly. It was good to hear from you. I can imagine that you are having a wonderful time…partying all the time and I bet you have girls hanging all over you. :o) Do you really miss home? Most of the people I talk to don’t. They are having too much fun. I went and saw Stewart the other day. He had been bugging me and I had a free moment. He was in a hurry though because he was going to get his bike painted yellow, just like his car. So, did you have a good summer? I know you went to Germany, did you do anything else that was fun? I had tons of plans, but they all feel apart when I broke my foot. I was walking though the garage and managed to twist my foot when I stepped on the hose. That was about the middle of June, so the rest of my summer wasn’t too great, but I still had fun. School is going okay. I got into the Honors Program at Metro and they gave me a nice scholarship. My classes are small and have a lot of the same people in them, so I’ve gotten to know a lot of new people better. My Psychology class is the only class that isn’t small and I haven’t talked to anyone in there, but you know how I am. Well, I’ve really been putting off writing this essay, so I guess I should go and write it.


Happy Halloween!




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