email 10.25.99 // Hi!

From: Jenn
To: Mr. Stewart
Date: 10.25.1999


Hi! I just thought I would write you and let you know what’s been going on over the past week. I figure you probably would like to know, even though you don’t write me. Okay, on Monday one of the sweetest guys I’ve met on campus gave me a poem. It was so sweet. Since then we’ve been talking a lot and getting to know each other. He’s so much nicer than any of the other guys on campus that have asked me out. Then on Tuesday I almost quit my job and now I’m looking for a new one. As soon as I find a job, I will quit. On Wednesday I got my Psychology test back and I got 100%. Only four people in the entire class of 40 even got A’s. I was so happy. But then when I got home I found out that my dad let Quinbie out of the house in the morning and no one had seen her since. I was so mad, I didn’t know what to do, so I just started walking. I was walking past a house and I heard her. She hates when we turn our backs on her and that’s what I had done. Eventually we got my dad there and he climbed up the tree and caught her. I’m so glad we got her back. It was one year ago today that we got her and if I lost her I don’t know what I would do. She’s definitely my little baby. Thursday was pretty uneventful, except that I worked 11 hours straight with no break. It was my choice but I was sure tired when I got home. On Friday I got my history paper back and guess what? I got a 10 out of 10!!! I was so thrilled I could hardly sit through the rest of my classes. Since we don’t have English on Fridays I went out to a late lunch, early dinner with two of my friends. We went to the Odyssey Cafe on 16th Street. We shared appetizers and were stuffed when we left. Well, I need to get back to my reading. I just thought I would share my wonderful news of getting 100% on two of my assignments. Hope your having a great fall break. I can’t wait until Thanksgiving.




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