email 10.19.99 // Re: Hello!

From: Jenn
To: Bianca
Date: 10.19.1999

Hi Bianca! I’m glad you wrote back. I think it would be wonderful if you and Seun got married. You make such a wonderful couple. But that could change if you find someone better. So, how’s the guy situation down there? I can’t believe how many good looking guys I see, and a couple have shown interest in me, but it doesn’t seem worth it. I have my same job at the daycare center. I don’t know how long it will last. I would tell you the whole story, but it would take me a zillion years. Basically I was upset because my boss isn’t communicating with me very well and hasn’t since the day I started, so I finally decided to go and talk to her. She basically said it was all my fault. It was all I could do to not say “I quit.” I knew I would regret it because I need the money to pay for school. But now I’m looking for a new job and as soon as I find one I’m out of there. Well, that’s basically how my life is going. But I’m hoping it will pick up. I’ll talk to you later.


Love ya,


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