email 10.18.99 // Howdy!

From: Jenn
To: Tammy
Date: 10.18.1999

Hi Tammy! How are you doing? I’m doing okay. Tired, but I always seem to be tired so it’s not a big deal. I have a story I think you will like, plus right now I can’t really think of much else, so I thought I would tell someone. Well today on the lightrail, I was talking with my three friends (Alicia, Donna and Nathan), like always. Then Nathan’s stop was up and he said, “Here take this.” I thought it was trash so I said, “Why do I want it?” He told me to just take it and then threw it at me so he wouldn’t miss his stop. It was a poem he wrote about how he likes me and would to get to know me more. It was so sweet. Not to mention the fact that I really enjoy his company. He is not the best looking, but he is real fun and fun to be around. I was kinda interested but I wasn’t going to do anything about it. That’s about where the story ends. I called him a few minutes ago but got an answering machine, so we’ll see what happens, I’ll let you know. Well that’s about the only interesting thing that has happened recently, so I won’t bore you with the rest of the details of my life. So how are things progressing with you moving back? I miss you so much, I wish we could go shopping and hang out like we used to. Hope to hear from you soon.


Love ya,


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