email 10.17.99 // HI

From: Jenn
To: Grandma Helen
Date: 10.17.1999


Hi Grandma. I have been really busy. I can’t seem to get focused. I’m starting to get the hang of balancing college, work, homework and fun, but not quite there yet. Yes, I go to Wisconsin December 27. I’m so excited. My friend Susie and I are thinking of going to see Riverdance downtown for my birthday. We’re also going to see Fiddler On the Roof at the Boulder Dinner Theater at the beginning of December. I can’t wait. I love seeing performances. Stacy just got an e-mail address. I don’t know how much she will check it. She’s not much like me in that way. We have been getting along pretty well recently. We have always been so different and interested in different things because of our difference in ages, but now we are starting to lik the same things. We like to go shopping together and see movies. On Friday we went to a concert together and had a wonderful time. She’s also been coming with me to my youth group and to church with me on Sunday mornings. It’s helped us bond. Well, I need to go and finish studying for my test tomorrow morning. I’m glad Grandpa is doing well. Tell him Hi for me and give him a hug.


Lots of Love,


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