email 09.15.99 // Hi!

From: Jenn
To: Mr. Stewart
Date: 09.15.07

Well, I guess you’ve realized by now that I didn’t come by this morning.  I was so tired and I couldn’t get out of bed.  Then I rushed around the house trying to remember everything and get tot the bus on time.  I made it to the bus, but I did forget somethings.  So much for the perfect me.  Anyway, I’ll just have to tell you what’s happening and nag you over the Internet (I don’t think the nagging thing will work too well though).  You asked about my “new boyfriend” and I’m proud to say that none of the good-looking guys from school have gotten to me.  I’ve found some major problem in all of them. :o)  But…I am going to Wisconsin for Jeremy’s birthday and for New Years.  Well I need to get to bed.  I’ll talk to you later.  Oh by the way (my nagging part) I”m very disappointed in how long it took you to respond to my last e-mail.  At this rate, you’ll be so lost in what’s happening in my life, I’ll never be able to get you caught up!!! :o)



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