email 09.15.99 // Hello!

From: Jenn
To: Tammy
Date: 9.15.1999

Hi Tammy! I’m sorry I haven’t written in so long. I guess I’ve been busy, although not really too busy. I seem to spend most of my time reading for school. I’m such a slow reader and it takes me forever. So whenever I’m not at work or at school, I’m reading. Next week I have a test and two essays due, if I can get those done I can just forget about all the stuff I’m behind in and start over. I hate being behind. I spent all last weekend trying to get caught up, but it didn’t work. Oh well, I guess it’s a part of life. We all need something to stress over or life would just be too easy. So how are things with you? Any news about you coming back? I miss you so, but I tell you every time I write you. Can you tell I love ya? Well, I have one story for you and then I’ll go. Two days ago my professor came up to me and asked me to inform the rest of the class that he wasn’t going to be there so we wouldn’t be having class. It was so sad, seven of us just sat in the hall and talked for a whole hour. We had nothing else to do, but it was fun. I got to know a lot of people I hadn’t talked to before and now we actually talk instead of just staring at each other. Well, there is this one guy, his name is Leaf, and he kept talking to me and asking me questions and stuff. We were talking about church and found out that we both go to churches over by Columbine. Then as we were leaving for our next classes he asked me if I would like to go to youth group (his college group with 70 people in it). I stalled, and he never mentioned it again. :o) You thought that you were going to get a really great story didn’t you? Sorry, but I just have a problem flirting with guys. I always seem to put up some barrier and thus the exciting story turns into a very sad attempt to make you laugh! Hope you have a great day. I’ll hear from you soon.



One thought on “email 09.15.99 // Hello!

  1. I must say, you were right, not much of a story. You give a build up like something big happens and then you totaly drop the ball. That guy was totaly digging on you and then you just dropped him like a bad habit. No flirting skills, huh? Well for all we know, if you had been a good flirter, we would never had met! Good thing. 😉

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